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Flight Connections 08-28-11


Sorry that this is up a little late today.  I was busy printing my "I Survived Hurricane Irene" shirt.

Apparently, LS Tanner Purdum and his wife provided shelter to the whole special teams squad.  I don't know if this story was confirmed since they didn't even spell check the player's name.

Alabama's Press-Register writes about hometown boy QB Greg McElroy.

Bob Glauber writes about QB Mark Sanchez and WR Santonio Holmes connecting.

Rod Boone: WR Derrick Mason is coming along nicely.

ESPN New York: Whos' staying and who's going.

New York Post: Longtime Jets fans are punished by the preseason.

Former Jets QB Chad Pennington talks about former Dolphins QB Pat White. NJ Governor Chris Christie asked the NFL to delay the game.  Not to get into politics, but why would you name your son Chris if your last name was Christie?