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Ticket Prices Fall Through the Floor for Monday

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Our friends at TiqIQ note that ticket prices for the MetLife Bowl have fallen 40% over the past few weeks. You can go for a bargain price if you have nothing to do on Monday.

On another note, you can now get tickets to Jets games through GGN. Note the toolbar at the top of the page. On the far right, you will see "Tickets." Click there to go to GGN's ticket page, which is run through TiqIQ. It shows you every ticket available for a given game on sites like EBay, StubHub, and other ticket vendors all on one page.

In the nature of full disclosure, I do get a small portion of the cut for every ticket sold, but my understanding is that it will be around the amount that will buy me a cup of coffee on the way to my day job. If you are looking to tickets for a game this year, do consider using GGN. It is good for our sponsor, which is good for our site. For my part, I will do my best to not beat promotions like this into the ground. Their service makes things easy. Instead of going to a bunch of different pages, you will have all of your options in a single spot.

Click here to see Jets-Giants tickets.