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Darrelle Revis Does Not Think Vontae Davis and Sean Smith Are the League's Best Cornerback Duo

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Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis made some headlines this week by declaring his belief that he and Sean Smith are the best cornerback duo in the league. Darrelle Revis does not agree.

"No, it really don't matter because the film don't lie," Revis said. "You can say what you want to say. You can say the sky is red, but it ain't red, you know? That's just what it is. We know what we do on the field, not just as a corner tandem, but the whole secondary."

There is nothing wrong with Davis talking himself and Smith up. The Jets have driven themselves to new heights these past two years in similar fashion. Revis is of course correct, however. Smith and Davis are talented young corners with great potential. One day they might be at the top of the league. That day is simply not today.

Interestingly, Revis has worked out with both Miami corners.