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Flight Connections 08-27-11

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Sorry that this post is up so late, but it's all about the hurricane out there. The latest report I saw looked pretty bad. Here, take a look:

But in all seriousness, I hope everybody's doing fine. Feel free to evacuate yourself if you feel the need to. The few connections I could scrape up:

Owner Woody Johnson's daughter was the photographer of the Flight Crew calendar.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson is selling his San Diego home. DT Sione Pouha is ready for the dress rehearsal against the Giants.

DL Eddie Jones tweets about QB Mark Brunell.

New York Post: The Jets are aiming to pile up sacks.

ESPN New York previews the game.

Jets Insider previews the game.

Former Jets CB Lito Sheppard has signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Former Jets TE Anthony Becht has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Deadspin shares photoshopped images of Eagles QB Michael Vick. Make sure you see the one of Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Here again is the evacuation zone finder for New York City residents.

Be safe, everyone! Like the Boy Scouts and Scar from "The Lion King" said, "be prepared".