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This is a bit overdue, but I have been through vacation, laptop issues, and a personal tragedy over the week and a half so please forgive me.

I will start with some sad news. Ryan Alfieri will be leaving us now that he has completed his countdown of the top Jets. I will leave the final goodbye to him. He has done a great job here over the past year and change and will be missed.

Bro Namath, who you know as a moderator is going to remain a moderator, but he will also be doing a bit of writing for us. I mistakenly told you he would be guest posting during my vacation. The truth is he is now on the writing staff.

Finally, we have a new addition to Team GGN. It is member bobdolethesnapplelady, one of our best, who has been moderating the past few weeks.

On a final note, I'd like like to thank Dave V for posting that appreciation thread today and everybody who said such kind things. It's incredible for me to think people actually think that highly of what I do. I promise you, though, every reader of this site is equally important. I simply direct the conversation. What really makes this a great site is the high quality of analysis in the comments each day. Otherwise it would just be me rambling to myself.