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Flight Connections 08-25-11

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Gang Green generated the most online buzz in the off-season thanks to fans like you.

The annual practice at Hofstra is today.

GM Mike Tannenbaum talked about WR Plaxico Burress.

HC Rex Ryan will play the starters for most of the game on Saturday.

QB Mark Sanchez is helping to raise money for The Benefit Fund.

Randy Lange writes about the Sanchise to WR Santonio Holmes pass connections.

RB Shonn Greene will be looked upon to carry the load.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson is as young as he feels.

RT Wayne Hunter has paid his dues in the NFL and is ready to be a starter.

RG Brandon Moore is recovering faster due to training camp being at Florham Park.

CB Kyle Wilson is improving in his second year.

CB Marquice Cole is distracted.

ILB Bart Scott feels that former Jets DE Vernon Gholston received a fair chance.

Lahontan Valley News writes about hometown boy ILB Josh Mauga.

The Jets Blog reports from training camp.

Jets Insider reminds us that Plax has played through many injuries in his career.

Former Jets DL Howard Green is now a Super Bowl winner in Green Bay.

Former Jets RB Leon Washington will have to adjust to the new kickoff rules.