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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #1: Darrelle Revis

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Okay, if you could not tell by now, I am higher on Darrelle Revis than Santonio Holmes during breakfast time. 

During Darelle's holdout last summer, I got the sense that Jets fans had no idea exactly how good this guy is. Revis is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. That's right, for the rest of your life, you will never witness anyone play the cornerback position at the same level as Darelle Revis. 

We all know the impact of Darrelle Revis on the game, how he allows the Jets to get away with coverages no one else in the league can. But he's more than just a shutdown corner with a personal island. 

Time to make some outlandish statements that are true, but few are willing to accept:

He will go down as the best cornerback of all time. 

He is a better cover corner than Deion Sanders, or anyone else for that matter, ever was.

He is the best defensive player in football. 

He is the best player in football.

He will go down as the best Jet of all time.

His 2009 season was not just the best season a corner has ever had - it was the most dominant performance of any player in NFL history, regardless of position. A lot of you may take issue with such statements, but they are true. I guarantee it.

Yes, I stand by all of those statements. I promise you, unless something unforeseen happens to Darrelle , they WILL come true. We are witnessing a legend in his prime right in front of our eyes - enjoy it while it lasts. These kind of players don't come around too often.