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Plaxico Burress Has Minor Back Injury

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Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress has sustained a back injury.

The Jets receiver downplayed the injury and, along with coach Rex Ryan, fully expects to play in Saturday’s third preseason game against the Giants.

"It's part of football," Burress said after the team's walkthrough. "And getting banged up and bruised, you got to expect this to happen. It's not like walking to the 7-11 and buying a Slurpee. It's a little more physical than that."

Is this related to all of his time away from the game. Nobody can really say. It is possible that his lack of football conditioning contributed a bit to this. It is not easy on a 34 year old body to pick up NFL activity after two years away from it. It is just part of the deal.

As was the case with his ankle injury, an ideal scenario would involve him seeing a lot of action this weekend against the Giants. The most important thing is to prevent this from getting worse and potentially something that could impact his status when the games begin for real against the Cowboys in a few weeks.