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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #3: D'Brickashaw Ferguson

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The decision whether to put Brick or Holmes in this spot was easily the most difficult part of this list. In fact, I origionally had Tone at #3, but I went with the man who has held down the most crucial position on the line. 

First and foremost, Brick is a terriffic pass protection - which is always job numero uno for left tackles in the NFL. Rarely does he get beat in a one-on-one situation, no matter who he may get matched up against. Whether its Freeney, Harrison, Suggs, or Peppers - Ferguson has shut them down. 

That does not mean he is any kind of slouch in the run game. Brick pushes guys around, and is athletic enough to make block downfield and spring long runs. 

The top two guys should be obvious to you by now.