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How Much Does the Preseason Game Against the New York Giants Mean to You?

I am interested to see how much people care about this weekend's annual preseason contest between the Jets and the Giants. It is back to its traditional spot as the third preseason contest in which the starters traditionally see the most action. That adds a bit of intensity to the game.

Whenever the Giants and Jets meet, it brings headlines. There are natural comparisons between the teams since they play in the same stadium and have allegiances that split a lot of friends and families. Rex Ryan fanned the flames a bit in his book by calling the Giants the little brother of the city, which apparently got under the skin of a Giants PR guy.

This game also seems to mean a ton to Brandon Jacobs. How about you? It really does not mean anything to me. Nothing is really on the line. If it was, starters would go the whole way.

I understand a lot of people on both sides disagree, but I really do not consider Giants-Jets to be a big rivalry. They never compete for anything. They are in opposite conferences so there are no Playoff spots on the line. They have never played in a Super Bowl against each other. When they take the field on Christmas Eve, it will probably be the only time they see each other in a game that means anything between 2008 and 2014. Heck, it would even be different if they played each other late every season and potentially could knock each other out of the Playoffs. I do have friends who root for the Giants, but I have friends who root for a lot of other teams too.

What do you think of the preseason game and Jets-Giants in general?