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I read a few recaps of the preseason game between the Jets and Bengals. I finally watched a replay last night. In retrospect, I was very surprised to see little mention Vladimir Ducasse got. After watching, I thought he played really well. It was not a perfect game with a yellow flag flying in his direction, but he looked like a completely different player than he did in the opener. He was a mauler in the run game. He displayed a powerful first punch, and he dropped quickly to gain a base in pass protection consistently.

We do not need to see Ducasse at an All Pro level this year, although it would certainly be great if he ended up there. What we need to see is progress, an indication he is getting better. The Bengals may not have much of a team, but we saw that from Big Vlad in the second preseason game.

I saw some people here argue that Ducasse was not as bad as people made him out to be in the opener. I must respectfully disagree with that. I watched almost all of his plays and can count on one hand the number of times I thought he looked good. It was a totally different story against the Bengals. He looked capable. Maybe the Texans game lit a fire under him.

I still would like to see the Jets add some offensive line depth since Robert Turner is down, there are quality guys available, and you can never have too much depth up front. I am less terrified than I previously was, though. Ducasse looked like a guy who could get cut against Houston if he did not improve. Against the Bengals, he did just that.