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Should Maybin Get Some Reps With the Ones

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I know it was only one quarter of one preseason game, but we have to like what we saw from Aaron Maybin. It seemed like every play he was in on, he was either putting pressure on the QB, or hitting the QB for a sack fumble. He was playing against backups, but isn't that what a starting Pass rusher should be doing against backups? He showed great burst off the snap, and speed around the edge. He reminds me of Von Miller, who was drafted by the Broncos in the 1st round this year. They are both a little undersized, but have amazing speed around the edge.

I feel that during practice this week, Maybin should get some reps with the ones. We should let Calvin Pace heal his groin, and give Aaron some quality snaps. I don't even remember the last time we had Pace healthy for the start of the season. If we can get Pace healthy, and help build Maybin's confidence and strength, I am all for it. We shouldn't go crazy about this pickup just yet. I still need to see a lot more from him before I would suggest giving him reps with the ones when it really matters.