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Vernon Gholston Continues to Blame Everybody but Himself for His Lack of Production

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Remember the swipe Vernon Gholston took at the New York media when he signed with the Bears? The 2008 first round bust spoke more about his time with the Jets yesterday and did not have kind words for his former coach.

"Being a first-round pick, you would have hoped for more [of a chance]," said Gholston, who added his release by the Jets last winter was "a needed move."


"Rex made a comment to me when he first came in that he thought I wasn't liked by the guys on the team, then once he got there he saw that wasn't the case," Gholston said. "Those perceptions kind of determine the outcome, and it's sad to say."

"Teams are always looking for talent, and to say I don't have talent is a far stretch," Gholston said. "It's all about getting a fair shot and time in the system. With the Jets, it was constant position change and coaching change. There was no stability. I never really had that with the Jets."

You would like to wish everybody the best even if it does not work here. Danny Woodhead is a great example. He really did not have a spot with the Jets, but he found a good situation. You have to feel happy for a guy like him having success, even if you wish it was somewhere other than New England.

Gholston here shows you why he probably will never have success. Instead of admitting he did not do the job in New York and using it as fuel to work harder, he sits around and blames everybody else. He did it a few weeks ago when he tooks shots at the media.

There frankly are no excuses with Gholston. He had two coaching staff. He had two schemes. He played two posistions. If he honestly thinks he did anything to merit more playing time in the reps he did get, he has no concept of player evaluation. I drill into the ground the idea that sacks do not tell the whole story of pass rushing. With that said, when a guy in a pass rushing position registers no sacks in three years, odds are that he did not do a good job. Heck, there are a lot of plays where you just luck into a sack because somebody else pressuring forces the quarterback to step into you. It is almost unfathomable for Gholston to have produced so little. The reason he kept changing positions was his poor play everywhere the Jets put him.

And Rex Ryan gave him more than enough chances. Did Rex not give him the starting job when Calvin Pace was suspended in 2009? Did Rex not constantly talk him up about the progress he was making even when it did not seem credible?

You know how you like to get guys on the team to like and respect you? Work hard and play well.