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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #4: Santonio Holmes

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Alright, here is when things really start to get interesting. A lot of you think Holmes should be a lot lower on this list because he simply has not played as many games as a lot of other players, which is a fair point. I will say, however, that he has actually played in 15 games for Rex if you count the playoff games (and why wouldn't you?)

While he may have only one season under Rex Ryan, and missed 4 games due to suspension, the impact Santonio Holmes has had on this team in unmeasurable. If Santonio never liked weed enough to decide to post it on twitter, the Jets may very well have missed the playoffs. 

If Holmes does not make the game-winning plays in the games against Houston, Cleveland, Detroit, and Denver, the Jets could be looking at a record of 8-8 at best, and the 9-7 Chargers make the playoffs. Oh, by the way, he also caught the game winning touchdown in the Divisional Playoffs against the Patriots.

The reason I don't have Holmes a spot higher is in part because he did miss some time, and he had a lot more drops than people realize. But I'm splitting hairs here.

Holmes is not just a game-changing receiver - he is an excellent teammate and captain of the team. With everything Holmes brings to the table, I had to put him at the fourth spot on this list.