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Are Any New York Jets Fantasy Football Off the Radar Sleepers?

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Everybody has fantasy football sleepers. Most of these guys are projected to have starting roles. Every year, though, some backup takes on a bigger role than expected due to injury or performance and emerges as a fantasy star.

I am wondering who that guy will be on the Jets. Jeremy Kerley would probably be my bet. If your league rewards return scores, he could have some value there. He also potentially could take on a bigger role if anything happens to one of the wide receivers. Bilal Powell, Joe McKnight, and Jeff Cumberland could be other options.

Guys in this category will probably not be drafted in your leagues. Nor should they. You should always stay on top of injuries and things along these lines to see which players might see an increase in playing time and thus fantasy chances.

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Side note: I am back from vacation. I would like to thank everybody who stepped up in my absence. Normally I have not taken a break even when I have gone away. This was my first extended absence since I started on this site. I do not think we missed a beat. I will be getting up to speed over the next 24 hours and watch a replay the Bengals game. Based on the highlights I saw at the airport, it looks like Plaxico Burress played well