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2011 New York Jets Fantasy Football Advice

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Here is my take on whether Jets are good or bad investments in your upcoming fantasy football drafts. I will have more on our GGN leagues in a few weeks.


Mark Sanchez: I had Sanchez in a league last year. Even if he does not improve, he is valuable because he is a boom or bust guy. Certain weeks, he can put up numbers like the best in fantasy football. He will probably be a late round pick as a backup quarterback. He can be great value.

Santonio Holmes: He was already Sanchez's go to guy. Now he has a year of experience and chemistry with the quarterback. There will be less mouths to feed, and Sanchez will presumably be more consistent.

Dustin Keller: Here is another guy who will benefit from less mouths to feed. Early in 2010, he got a ton of targets with Santonio Holmes out. With Braylon Edwards gone, Holmes will become the Edwards of this offense, and Keller stands to benefit.

LaDainian Tomlinson: He probably won't go early. He is not starting material, but in touchdown heavy leagues he could be a good late round option as a backup because his leaping skills near the goal line figure to get him some chances.

Shonn Greene: I think he is a good sleeper pick because he suffers from Matt Forte memorial "Irrationally Lowly Rated Guy Because He Was a First Round Bust Last Year" syndrome.


Jets Defense: They will be one of the first defenses off the board. Don't be tempted. Runs on defenses start too early. The difference between the best defense and the 10th best is a few points a week. Stock up on depth at other positions.

Plaxico Burress: He'll go higher than he should because of his name. Nobody knows what he is going to do.

Jerricho Cotchery: This is subject to change if he is traded to a receiver needy team, but he might not get many looks with the Jets and could go to another team where he would be low on the totem pole.

Nick Folk: The Jets could have done better. You can too.


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