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Safety James Ihedigbo Announces He's Signed With Patriots

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We saw it coming, but let the debate begin as to whether or not this one hurts.

Per ESPNBoston's Mike Reiss on Twitter;

James Ihedigbo tweets that he is now a Patriot. Adds important depth at safety. Wouldn't be surprised if LB is next.

In the words of Krusty the Clown: AHHHHHHH, CRAP! James Ihedigbo or simply "Digs" as some of us liked to call him has officially joined the ranks of Shaun Ellis and Brad Smith in joining in-division rivals. The front office had promised us a week or two ago that Digs wasn't coming back, but they had said the same thing about Brodney Pool, so I held out a little hope against my better judgment.The fact that the New England Patriots scooped him up makes it sting a little more.

Regrettably, this separation is probably mutually beneficial. Digs was more than likely trying to get some money that the Jets obviously weren't going to offer him, since they deemed him expendable. But I'm not looking forward to James blitzing and playing special teams against us at least twice a year.

What say you? Does losing Digs to the Pats hurt us, or was it just what you expected?