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Shonn Greene Will Miss Sunday's Game With a "Low-Grade Skin Infection"

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I for one have no idea what a "low-grade skin infection" actually means. If you ask me, it sounds like a staph infection. Either way this is bad news for the Jets. Our biggest concern with our running game has been; Can Shonn Greene stay healthy?As of right now, the answer is no. He will be missing the game on Sunday at the very least. I just hope this isn't a serious threat to Shonn's season.

In the mean time, LT will be the Jets starter, and Powell will back him up. Joe McKnight suffered a concussion. I guess we should stop complaining when we take RBs in the draft, when we think we are covered. Greene was supposed to be a big part of this offense in 2012. I won't stop worrying until I hear this skin infection is all healed up. If we have to rely on LT again to carry the load, we might be in trouble offensively.

**Update** Multiple Jets beat writers have told us to not be overly concerned with this infection. Shonn will be off his feet for a few days though. There is no reason to believe this will have any impact on the regular season.