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Joe McKnight Injured?

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Cimini reports that Joe McKnight may have sustained a head injury against the Houston Texans.

RB Joe McKnight could be down a week with a possible concussion, which means rookie Bilal Powell will get his chance to claim the No. 3 tailback job

That is a tough break for Joe. It would have been great for him to start off this year really well after the disaster that was early 2010 for him.

The ESPN guys were riding him pretty hard during the Texans game, but I thought McKnight was looking pretty good aside from a dropped pass. He was showing the same toughness and willing to fight for extra yardage on inside carries that we saw during his big Week 17 performance against the Bills last year.

Powell is probably not going to get much playing time when the real games begin so extra work now might not be a bad thing in case the team ever does need to call upon him.