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New York Jets Interested in Aaron Maybin?

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Manish Mehta says the Jets have some interest in a recently released Bill.

Source confirms that the have expressed interest in free agent Aaron Maybin.

"Interest" could mean anything. Remember last year how the Jets had some "interest" in JaMarcus Russell? It is a good idea to kick around the possibility of about any name available.

With that said, I would not for the life of me be able to understand it if the Jets signed him. This team just recently finally purged itself of Vernon Gholston. Why on earth would it sign the exact same player? Maybin has been every bit as much of a bust. He is supposed to be a pass rusher but has as many career sacks as Gholston and me.

The pass rush is an issue, but a guy with no sacks is not the answer. Could the Jets really look their fans in the eye and explain signing Maybin while being so quiet when quality pass rushers were available in free agency?