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New York Jets Have $6.68 Million in Salary Cap Space

Jason LaCanfora reports the Jets still have over $6.5 million in salary cap room. You might wonder why the Jets cleared cap room in the past few weeks restructuring guys if they were not going to use it all. There are three ways this could be useful.

1. Big Ticket Trade

Think Brett Favre in 2008 or Braylon Edwards in 2009. Some big moves do happen in camp and early in the season. The Jets did not have to do much in advance to fit either guy in, but having the extra space makes things easier if that big name does hit the market. The one everybody points to now is Osi Umenyiora. Maybe the Jets try and work something for him. Maybe Mike Tannenbaum is working on the radar for somebody else.

2. Need Filling Signing

Think Pete Kendall in 2004. Sometimes guys are still available this late who are capable of filling a need. It is good to have cap space available in such an event. For example, you could find in your first preseason game that your top backup lineman breaks his leg, and the guy you thought was your number two backup lineman ends up being arguably the worst player on the field.

3. Saving Money

It is easy to forget, but teams do not sign players with Monopoly money. It comes from the owner. Money not spent is money Woody Johnson can save. If your owner is like Mike Brown in Cincinnati, that is a bad thing. I do not think anybody can question that Woody is willing to spend big to put a winner on the field. Extra money he banks now might help in the future. A little extra cash on hand could make him comfortable offering a big ticket free agent next offseason a little extra guaranteed money than under normal circumstances to entice him to come to New York. There is this one receiver currently in the desert who would look really good across from Santonio Holmes.