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Robert Turner Has a Broken Leg

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News is just coming out now that Robert Turner's leg, is in fact broken, and will need surgery. This is horrible news for our O-line. There were questions about our o-line depth even before this game, now we are even thiner. Our only backup right now is Vlad. This comforts no one. We need depth, and we need it yesterday. I am sure Tanny is on the phones right now looking for someone. The 1st thing that needs to be answered is, where do we move Vlad. We need to move him to 1 position, and let him stay there. I would put him behind Brandon Moore, just because Moore is very durable, and Vlad won't hurt us as much on the inside. 

Next we have to find some veteran depth from free agency. There are some names out there that we should take a serious look at.

 Langston Walker, OT, Raiders. Age: 31

James Lee, OT, Buccaneers. Age: 26.

Jon Stinchcomb, OT, Saints. Age: 32 (This guy would be my choice. He is a very solid starter and Brunell loves him.)

We can also move Vlad to the outside, and grab some guard depth.

Brian Waters, G, Chiefs. Age: 34

Leonard Davis, G, Cowboys. Age: 32

Rich Seubert, G/C, Giants. Age: 32 (This guy would be my choice since he can also play center.)