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Patrick Turner vs. Logan Payne in the Opener

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Patrick Turner and Logan Payne are linked to a certain extent. It is quite possible they are battling for a roster spot. It is possible both could make it. It is possible neither could make it. They are both low on the depth chart at the same wide receiver position.

Turner had 6 catches and a touchdown last night. Payne had no catches and failed to haul in a catchable throw in his direction. Which guy did more to justify a spot on the roster.

If you answered Payne, you are correct. It is because he had a big special teams tackle on a kickoff to pin Houston deep. At best, either player will be fifth at receiver behind Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, Derrick Mason, and Jeremy Kerley. The most wide receivers a team can put on the field in a conventional way at one time is five. Dustin Keller would probably rate higher than either Payne or Turner and split wide when the Jets want to do this.

That means the fifth receiver on the depth chart is going to see a lot more time on the field as a special teamer. A contribution in this area trumps anything we see at wide receiver.