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Vladimir Ducasse, Should We Worry?

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I know it was only the first preseason game, so I will try and not overreact. With that said, he was horrible! The best description I heard tonight, used to describe Vlad, was "the human turnstile." He was letting rushers get by him with almost no fight. He is entering his 2nd year in the Jets offense, and a lot is expected of him because of his 2nd round pick. No matter how bad he looked tonight, I can't say I blame him.

With the short off-season, Vlad had very little time with coaches and teammates to really improve this off-season. The dude needs time to grow, but he won't be able to grow if he isn't getting enough time to get coached up. We have some amazing coaches on this team, and one guy I have a lot of faith in, is Bill Callahan. Callahan will mold this kid in to the guy we need him to be. We knew going in that he was a project with all the physical tools to be great.

Secondly, we can't overlook the amount of pressure being put on him. The guy has had to learn 3 different positions. That's a lot for any player, never mind someone we knew would need time to grow. Rex and Callahan need to put him at 1 position, and let him learn it. Moving him around like an Army family won't let him get comfortable at all. Our offensive line needs more depth than just Ducasse. I pray Turner's MRI comes back negative.