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New York Jets at Houston Texans Game Thread

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Tonight we kick off the preseason and step closer to real football.

This Jets team looks different from the one that left Heinz Field in January, but some nice work by Mike Tannenbaum prevented it from looking even more different. The Jets might not be getting the buzz they did a year ago at this time, but they are in very good position to contend for a championship.

I think a successful preseason game is any one in which there are no significant injuries. Do not go crazy one way or the other if the team looks really good or really bad. The main guys are in for a few snaps, and there has not been game planning to beat the opposition. This is more about the coaching staff evaluating what certain guys can do when put into certain situations than plotting to win the game. Mainly just root for no injuries.

Leave your thoughts below. I cannot imagine why anybody would need an illegal stream of the game since it is on ESPN, but please do not post any.