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Five Questions With Battle Red Blog

In case you were interested in tonight's opponent, the Houston Texans, I exchanged five questions with SB Nation's Texans site, Battle Red Blog. Read more under the jump. I answered five Jets questions over there.

1. Do you have any early reports on how the Mario Williams move to linebacker is going?

A:  Early reports are promising, I'd say.  Shortly after Super Mario's move to OLB was announced, Wade Phillips said that he thought the biggest adjustment they'd have to make was removing a false first step once the ball was snapped.  It'll be interesting to watch that tonight. 
Additionally, all this talk about Mario having to change positions could be a red herring of sorts, as Wade runs what looks a whole lot more like a 5-2 than a 3-4, so we could see Mario looking more like a pseudo-DE than a LB when it's all said and done.

2. Since these games are decided by backups, is there any guy making news in camp Jets fans should be scared about in crunch time?

A:  I wouldn't say there's a backup to be particularly scared of in terms of deciding the outcome of the game, especially with it being the preseason and all.  I will say, however, that the following reserves have been getting some very good reviews in camp:  Bryan Braman, Darryl Sharpton, Chris Ogbonnaya, Earl Mitchell (still listed as the backup to Shaun Cody at NT for the time being), Sherrick McManis, and Jeff Maehl.  Some of those guys--Braman, Ogbonnaya, McManis, and/or Maehl--may not even make the team; they're fighting to unseat some of the veterans ahead of them and, if camp performance has been any indication, there's a decent chance that could happen.

3. Is there any word on how long we will see your team's starters?
A:  Gary Kubiak says we should <a href="!/NickScurfield/status/102442261312323586">expect to see the starters for 10-12 plays tonight</a>.

4. Do you think Wade Phillips is the answer to your team's problems?
A:  I think Wade Phillips is an answer to the Texans' problems.  I won't say he's THE answer, purely because the Texans' problems ran deeper than just defensive coaching/scheme (though that was a gigantic problem).  The Texans had a glaring lack of defensive talent last year (especially in the secondary), and I believe most Texans fans would agree that the team has done a good job attempting to address that deficiency through the draft and free agency.  Other problems--like the offense's penchant for starting far too slow in the first half, Gary Kubiak's questionable clock management and use of challenges, etc.--may still exist and are unfortunately outside the purview of the brilliance that is Wade Phillips, Defensive Coordinator.

5. Between Revis/Ferguson/Mangold on the Jets and Williams/Foster/Johnson on the Texans, which side gets more superlatives from Jon Gruden?
A:  Neither.  The answer, as it is every freaking Monday Night, is "this guy."

Best of luck to you guys tonight.  Here's to a clean game with no injuries.


I'm not sure I agree with his last answer. Gruden's, "This guy's," usually are followed by, "is the best (insert position) in the National Football League. All the same, thanks to Tim from BRB for stopping by to answer my questions.