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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #8 (Tie): Shaun Ellis

Yes, the player I had forgotten about was indeed Shaun Ellis. Although he now plays for some team up north, he was a great player not only under Rex, but for an entire decade of Jets mediocrity beforehand. 

Ellis was always a consistent player in both the run and pass game. He played in just about every scheme concieved, but Rex was able to really use him to his strengths. Ellis was a bit undersized as a 3-4 end, so Rex tried to get him in a 4-man front on passing situations as much as possible, often rushing from the inside.

As many great games and moment Ellis had, he was a man posessed against the Patriots in the divisional round. If you watch the game again, its not just the sacks when he had an impact - he wanted to be involved in every single play, as if he was taking out a decade of frustration out on the New England offensive line. 

Its a shame Ellis isn't around any more, but I hope Jet fans don't overlook the great things he did for this team just because he went to the Patriots. 

Hint for #7: Some say he's overpaid - I say he's vastly underrated.