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Nick Mangold Will Not Play on Monday

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HC Rex Ryan has decided against playing C Nick Mangold against the Texans.  We here at GGN consider Nick an ironman and believe he would be starting if this was a regular season game.  That is why I personally agree with the decision to keep him at home as the team travels to Houston.  Nick will probably end up convincing them to allow him to play.  As he was quoted a few days ago, "I'll be out there and I'll see how it feels."

As RT Wayne Hunter is now a starter, I guess that then makes OL Rob Turner the best backup in the league.  In the handful of snaps that Mangold has missed throughout the years, the offense has kept rolling with Turner at center.  However, with RG Brandon Moore also out for the game recovering from offseason hip surgery, OL Vladimir Ducassewill be taking the spot between Turner and Hunter.  I am very optimistic that after a year under OL Coach Bill Callahan, we will see tremendous improvement from big Vlad.