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Nick Mangold Likely to Play Against Houston Texans

Despite suffering a stinger in practice this week, Nick Mangold is probably going to play in the preseason opener at Houston on Monday according to the Daily News.

Mangold was limited to individual drills yesterday, but said he expects to play against the Texans.

"I would imagine I would, we'll see. I'll be out there and I'll see how it feels," he said. "We'll take the appropriate steps."

This does not sound like a really ringing endorsement. If he is not feeling well at all, the Jets should probably sit him. There is no point in sending him out there for a meaningless game if he is not feeling up to it.

That might mean the Jets limit Mark Sanchez's snaps in the opener. There are greater tragedies in the world than the starters taking less snaps and minimizing the risk of injuries while the backups get additional game reps to prepare for the season.