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Flight Connections 08-13-11

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GM Mike Tannenbaum invited Cortland's Doug's Fish Fry to serve at Florham Park.

HC Rex Ryan has decided against playing WR Plaxico Burress on Monday.

I just realized ILB Brashton Satele is to blame - or thank - for Sexy Rexy's tattoo.

C Nick Mangold will probably play against Houston though.

Dennis Waszak, Jr.: OL Chris Stewart is an aspiring lawyer with NFL dreams.

Jane McManus reports on yesterday's practice.

Kenny Chesney visited Gang Green yesterday.

The Jet Press: New kickoff rule eliminated the need for former Jets WR Brad Smith.

Former Jets WR Britt Davis was part of Deadspin's "strangest play of the young NFL season".

Former Jets DB and coach Corwin Brown is in the hospital.

New York Times: The NFL will again test use of extra downfield official.

NY Sport Space shares a lesson on not holding the train up.