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Rex Ryan Explains Why Jim Leonhard Is Off Punt Returns

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Rex Ryan spoke yesterday about why Jeremy Kerley tops the depth chart at punt returner yesterday. Florio has the quotes.

"I’m not going to have Jim [Leonhard] do it, coming off the injury that he had," Ryan said, referring to a broken leg Leonhard suffered in practice prior to last season’s blowout loss to the Patriots.  "He wants to, but we drafted this young man to be a returner.  He’s exactly what we thought we were getting.  [Coach Mike Westhoff] really likes him and if Westy thinks he’s our best, then that’s what we’ll do.  Jim Leonhard, I don’t think that’s good business right there."

I never really thought Leonhard was all that elusive anyway. When the other team is trying to pin the Jets deep, and the return man is in likely fair catch territory, I do hope the team considers putting Leonhard or somebody else with good hands back there to play it safe.