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Rex Ryan vs. Mike Francesa

This is a few days old, but Rex Ryan went on Jets hater Mike Francesa's show this week. The transcript can be found at Sports Radio Interviews.

Does it help your team to talk like that?

"I think it does when you look at it. Lets take the New England game for instance. We are playing in the playoffs. If I don’t say something everybody is going to talk about that 45-3 game and that’s all they are going to focus on. I never wanted our locker-room to keep hearing it over-and-over-and-over, so I was like well why don’t I challenge Bill Belichick. That way it’s like…everybody is like he is going to get killed. He’s going to do this. Nah. I even had it down where I even told Mike Tannenbaum…I said at the end of this it’s going to be about me being wrong. It wasn’t going to have anything to do with me against Belichick. It was about our teams. I knew it was about our teams. I wanted to deflect it a little bit."

I think it took entirely too long for Rex to go on his show. I understand it is tough because the Jets'  flagship radio network is ESPN 1050, a direct rival (which might be the biggest factor in why Francesa bashes the Jets so frequently). The bottom line is even though a lot of us do not like the work he does, he is a very influential guy. The Jets need to go toe to toe with him so that his word does not go unanswered.