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Plaxico Burress Out of Preseason Opener

Plaxico Burress will miss the preseason opener against the Texans Monday.

Burress, who rolled his left ankle nine days ago, will have an MRI today to "make sure there's nothing else there," Ryan said. The team's medical staff nixed Ryan's earlier plans to play the free-agent addition because of concerns Burress' ankle could swell up on the flight to Texas.

I completely disagree with people suggesting this is a red flag. Ankle injuries linger sometimes.

I think this hurts, though. Remember how the Jets played Santonio Holmes deep in preseason games last year to get him comfortable with playing under the new playbook. This preseason might even be more significant for Plaxico as he shakes off the rust and remembers how to do sutble things on the field, make his cuts sharp, read the defense's coverage, break jams, etc.

The most important thing is protecting him, though. The Jets do not need this turning into a more serious problem.