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Flight Connections 08-12-11

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Gang Green's games will be broadcast on Los Angeles radio this season.

HC Rex Ryan was interviewed by Mike Francesa.

STC Mike Westhoff will indeed have bobble heads in his image.

You know why Westy is a great coach?  He doesn't let his players $#@% $#!% up!

One potential special teamer is P Chris Bryan. writes about LS Wilson Raynor. writes about hometown boy WR Cordarol Scales.

QB Mark Sanchez and WR Scotty McKnight are childhood friends.

TE Dustin Keller hopes to be a better blocker.

AFC East Blog writes about Gang Green's D-line.

ILB David Harris donated sneakers to some children in New Jersey.

CB Marquice Cole has returned to practice after being excused for personal reasons.

Jets Twit reports on the release of DT Carlton Powell.

Jersey Jets Fan believes the Jets are the big brothers in New York.

JetNation reports about training camp.

ProInterviews reports about training camp.

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