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Plaxico Burress Talks About Practice Preparing Him

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Plaxico Burress talked about how playing against the Jets defense serves as preparation on The Michael Kay Show. Our friends at Sports Radio Interviews have the transcript.

How much it helps him going up against the Jets defense everyday in practice:

"Wow. I mean what people don’t understand is that I’m out here every day and I get to play against the best corner in the world every single day. There’s nothing better for me than to go out and work against Darrelle Revis and (Antonio) Cromartie. This defense, they fly around and give us looks that we won’t see during the season. As far as Revis is concerned, we won’t see a better corner all year round. It’s good for us as receivers to be able to play against that defense knowing that we won’t play against a better defense all year and if we can go out and have some success against them during training camp then we’re heading in the right direction."

This brings me back to the 2009 NFL Draft. One thing I thought Mark Sanchez had going for him was playing against the best athletes in college football every day in practice for four years. That kind of intensity certainly can help.

As Burress looks to shake off the rust, going against the best will be really good for him. After facing Revis all week, the games will not seem as tough as they otherwise might.