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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #8 (Tie): Damien Woody

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Yes, I forgot somebody (who I will reveal next time), so I snuck him in where I thought he would belong.

But enough of this mysterious player, lets get to big Wood, who formally retired a few weeks ago. Woody came in during the 2008 free agency run, along with fellow lineman Alan Faneca. Woody made the move to right tackle, where he helped set the tone as an absolute masher at the position, especially in the run game. The Jets love to run right, and for good reason - Brandon Moore and Damien Woody are as good as they come as a pair in the run game. Nick Mangold is okay too.

That doesn't mean you could run around Damien in the passing game, either. Because of D'Brickashaw Ferguson's dominance on the left side, opponents like to try their luck going against Woody instead,  with no avail. Two years in a row, the Jets offensive line has completely shut down the Colts fierce pass rush from Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, both on the Colt's speedy home turf. 

Woody was a great locker room guy and will be missed throughout the organization. Fortunately, we can still see Damien, as he joined ESPN a few days ago. 

Hint for the other #8: This guy is linked to Bill Belichick in more ways than one.