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Nick Mangold Has a Stinger

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And now we can all breathe a sign of relief. The injury that forced Nick Mangold to leave practice is not serious according to Jane McManus.

The first goal line drill of the season, long anticipated by Jets coach Rex Ryan, was cut short in Florham Park today when center Nick Mangold was injured. Mangold had what a Jets spokesperson called a stinger, a pain in the shoulder or neck. He will be day-to-day as a result.

So the worst case scenario probably involves Nick missing one game that does not matter. That might even be a benefit in some ways since it would give extra snaps to Robert Turner. Any extra work for him in meaningless games could help him in case the team needs to call upon him at some point this season. Remember, the Jets needed him to step in for some of the most critical plays of the year last postseason.