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Nick Mangold Leaves Practice

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Nick Mangold left practice today under his own power after trainers had to tend to him.

Mangold was down on hands and knees for a couple minutes as trainers attended to him. Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez came over to check on him.

Mangold stood up and walked inside under his own power, joined by the training staff. From a distance, he did not appear to be favoring any part of his body.

The good news is that there is plenty of time before the opener, and unlike say Plaxico Burress, Mangold really does not need preseason to be ready for the new year.

Just hope Mangold is healthy. He is a huge part of the offensive line's success. With him in there, the Jets know they can pretty much win a battle with any tackle in the league using one man. That is a huge advantage and frees up others to help elsewhere.

When Nick is out, Robert Turner is the center. That is an enormous dropoff.