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Rex Ryan Expects Plaxico Burress to Play in Preseason Opener

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Despite having not played in a game in close to three years and being limited in camp thus far, Rex Ryan thinks Plaxico Burress will play in the preseason opener Monday against the Texans.

"We won't put him out there if we think he's at risk, as with any player," Ryan said today. "But I’d like to see him get out there for a few snaps. Obviously our first groups don’t go a whole lot, but I'm expecting him to play some."

I think people generally overrate the value of preseason. In reality, it counts for very little. For a guy like Burress, though, the reps he will get will be important. He needs to shake off rust. He also needs to get comfortable with the playbook and routes he will be asked to run. These things can only happen by playing. If he is not 100%, the Jets should not chance it, but Plax probably would lose something by missing the game.