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Ropati Pitoitua Feels 100%

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Ropati Pitoitua says he feels he is all the way back from his Achilles injury last preseason.

"I feel great," Pitoitua said. "I feel like I am [100 percent]. I feel like I’m getting there. I’ve still got stuff to work on."

As they say, you can teach technique, but you cannot teach 6'8" 315 pounds. He is coming off a serious injury, but the more time passes, one would guess the less of an issue it will be even if there are lingering effects. Reports seem to be that he has looked good moving around.

There are a lot of unproven guys on the defensive line, but these guys all have talent. This coaching staff does a great job drilling consistent technique into these guys. You have heard me say it many times, but Sione Pouha and Mike Devito were not half the players they are today when they were coached by Eric Mangini. This has the potential to be a really deep defensive line. The decision makers seem to think so too considering how little they have attempted to bring back Shaun Ellis and Trevor Pryce.