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Veterans Mentor Bilal Powell

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Jets rookie running back Bilal Powell has been learning from Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson.

With some coaching, many believed the 5’10", 204-pound Powell could become a productive back in the NFL.  Since entering camp, the Jets' two RB incumbents have helped Powell potentially become an impact player.

"Every little detail counts on this level," said Powell. "I think LT and Shonn are doing a great job of teaching me the offense."

These guys can help the rookie in many ways. They can help him with the playbook. They can teach him technical things like how high to run and protecting the ball. Greene might be an especially valuable guy who can teach from the mistakes he made as a fumble prone rookie. They can teach him how to work off the field and in the film room.

Powell does not figure to see much time, but Greene did not either two years ago. Then Leon Washington got hurt, and Greene played himself into the top spot on the depth chart. I am not sure Powell is going to be a star, but I think fans are going to love the way he fights for every last yard and runs tough.