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GGN Fantasy League Second Chance Sign Up

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We had a sign up post for this year's GGN fantasy leagues a few weeks back, but it was during Nnamdigeddon, when there were almost hourly updates, knocking it down the page. So this is your second and last chance to sign up to play in a GGN league.

Yahoo Sports is our sponsor this year. Their leagues are free. Anybody who wants to play this year against other GGN'ers will be guaranteed a spot in a league. We will make as many as people want to play. I will play in one of the leagues. There will be a lottery to get into that one.

Signing up is as simple as leaving a comment below that you want to play. If you signed up in the original post, you are already entered. We will get in touch with more details in the near future.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and pigskin awesomeness. It’s also the #1 Fantasy Football game thanks to dazzling player research, instant stats with free live scoring, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps this season. Plus, new scoring categories for long receptions and rush plays. (Yes!) Sign up at