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Rex Ryan Does Not Worry About Shaun Ellis Bringing Secrets to the New England Patriots

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Rex Ryan appeared as a guest  on the Michael Kay Show and discussed the possibility of Shaun Ellis bringing the Patriots secrets on the Jets.

Do you worry that one of your guys, the longest tenured Jet, goes to the arch enemy? Do we over-blow it as fans? Can he bring any secrets over there?

"I don’t think he can bring secrets. He can bring mentality. He can talk about the way we are going to approach games against New England and things like that. [Michael Kay: Does that worry you?] No. Everybody knows the kind of mentality we are bringing. As far as the playbook if that was Jim Leonhard going over there or somebody that was in the back end that knows the front coverage and all that. Shaun’s role was basically in a phone booth, so it was obvious he did a great job for us. I really don’t worry about that."

Scouting is so sophisticated, and there is so much film today that teams pretty much know the playbooks of opponents anyway. I think it would be one thing if Ellis went a day before a game and had an idea of what from the playbook the Jets were planning on emphasizing or what tendencies they were trying to hide on their side or exploit on the other side. Ultimately, this stuff does not really matter. Football is ultimately a game of execution. You can know exactly what is coming and still not be able to stop it.