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Antonio Cromartie Thinks He Is As Good As Nnamdi Asomugha

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Antonio Cromartie talked about his skills today.

"I still feel I’m a No. 1 corner. Do I feel Nnamdi’s better than me? No. Do I feel any other corner’s better than me? No. But that’s just the confidence I have in myself," he said. "With the faith this organization has given me with the four-year deal, I have a chip to prove them right and prove everybody else wrong."

You might mock him, but I think the same concept is at play as Rex Ryan's big talk. You should believe you are the best.

Cromartie can be every bit as effective as Nnamdi and Darrelle Revis when he wants to be. It is extremely tough to get off the line against a guy so big and strong when Cro wants to be physical. Then try and beat a guy as athletic as him when you start even with him after being redirected. The question is whether he can be consistent.