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Jerricho Cotchery on the Trade Block?

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Michael Lombardi says the Jets might be trying to move Jerricho Cotchery to free up salary cap space.

Yes confirmed from 2 NFL team sources, the Jets are willing to trade WR--Jerrico Cotchery-possiblely to free up cap space and sign other FAs


Now this is a move I would have a tough time getting behind. Cotchery is insurance for the guy the Jets just signed who has not played in almost three years. This sounds like quite a leap of faith in Plaxico Burress (and Jeremy Kerley)  to contribute in a big way. Cotchery does not blow you away with any physical aspect of his game, but he is as tough as they come and a good route runner.

If the Jets are going to make a trade, they had better get something really good in return. I am not just talking about another year of Shaun Ellis either. Having the Flight Boys last year just about guaranteed the Jets had a matchup edge somewhere on the field. It took 18 weeks, but they finally exploited Cotchery in the Playoffs against New England.