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Flight Connections 08-01-11


Not getting a targeted free agent is a rare occurence for GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Steve Politi points out the risk in signing WR Plaxico Burress.

Mike Lupica points out the benefit in signing Plax.

Ian O'Connor: Burress deal shows Gang Green can roll with punches.

SB Nation New York: Let there be football.

SB Nation Kansas: WR Santonio Holmes' cap hit is "weird financial creativity". RB LaDainian Tomlinson took a pay cut to free up cap space.

CBS New York: Kiss my Asomugha.

Yahoo!: Gang Green is a free agency loser.

Newsday: Five questions for training camp.

JetNation: 2011 training camp preview. Twitter, Facebook and training camp.

UK Jets has some fantasy competitions.

Here is how NY Sport Space would have wanted free agency to go.

Jersey Jets Fan shares info on ILB Bart Scott's "Can't Wait" shirt.  Apparently, QB Mark Sanchez wore one today.

Jets Rant is a new site by our friend Erik Manassy.

New York Times: Veterans sold out rookies in labor deal.

Check out this Jets fan's unique marriage proposal in Hoboken.

Lastly, if Plaxico does become a great receiving threat, is it in bad taste to nickname him Con-Air?  Maybe I should just stick to calling him Plexiglass.