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Can Antonio Cromartie Develop into a Shutdown Corner?

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Nobody has better tools than Antonio Cromartie at cornerback. These sometimes shine through. Other weeks, he looks lost out there. There might be no better coaching staff than to get Cromartie's full ability to shine through.

Part of me says the coaching staff already has had Cromartie for a year. He is already 27 years old. He is probably as good as he is ever going to get. On the other hand, maybe it takes more than a year of repetition to get down everything the coaches are drilling in. It took Drew Coleman more than one year. While Coleman hardly played at an All Pro level, he improved greatly in his second year with Rex Ryan and company. If Cromartie improves as much as Coleman did, he might become a shutdown type guy. With his size, strength, speed, and athleticism, the only thing keeping him out of the Revis-Nnamdi discussion is himself.

Bringing back Cro was clearly not my first choice. I will say this, though. He is a way above average corner for the defense the Jets run. My frustration with him is more about underachieving relative to his vast ability. Can he turn things around?