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Minor Problem: Kenrick Ellis Could Be Deported

There are a lot of aspects of a player's background that NFL scouts mull over before draft day. 

Normally, citizenship status is pretty important. However, in the case of Jets' third-round draft pick, DT Kenrick Ellis, it must have gone overlooked.

ESPN NY's Rich Cimini has learned that Ellis, a Jamaica native who moved to Florida at age 11, has "permanent resident" status. An aggravated felony would violate the terms of his agreement and cause him to be deported. Remember, earlier this year Ellis was charged with malicious wounding, a Class 3 felony.

Ellis, a native of Jamaica who moved to Florida at the age of 11, has "permanent resident" status. A permanent resident convicted of an aggravated felony is deportable, according to immigration law.

Because of the enormous stakes, Ellis' best move is to negotiate a plea bargain before he gets to court, according to three immigration lawyers contacted by That, they agreed, is the likely outcome.

Ellis was initially to appear in court next Tuesday in Hampton, Va. to face the felony assault charge, but his lawyers rescheduled for Nov. 28, according to a Hampton Circuit Court official.

The Jets must be convinced Ellis will agree to a plea deal to have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor; or that he will beat the charge against him and be found not guilty.