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Soldier Meets Joe Namath

Joe Namath's personal website has a video about one of our nation's best who got a chance to meet with Broadway Joe. indicates he met with Joe at the legendary quarterback's football camp.

Check out this video made by Caitlin Fitzgerald, which highlights a US Soldier who is a huge NY Sports fan and has always wanted to meet Joe Namath. This year at Joe Namath’s Football Camp, he finally got to meet and chat with Joe!

Very cool stuff and great to see Namath take time to meet with a guy who deserves it. Holidays like the one we just had a few days ago, the Fourth of July are a great time to reflect on who heroes really are. We worship a lot of athletes and treat their games like life and death matters. People like Tommy Daniels are the real heroes who let us enjoy everything we get to experience in our lives.