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New York Jets Have Spoken With Shaun Ellis

Manish Mehta reports that the Jets have reached out to Shaun Ellis.

I've been told that the have reached out to free agent defensive end Shaun Ellis and expressed a level of interest.

It is tough to know what this means. The team might have reached out to say it is only interested in bringing him back at a substantial discount.

I am a bit surprised with how little buzz Ellis has gotten in free agency. It would be great if the Jets could swing a way to bring him back. He is still very productive and versatile. For those reasons, I feel like some defensive line needy team will be willing to pay him more than the Jets might.

I also cannot help but feel with so much young potential on the defensive line that the Jets might want to spend money to grab  an edge rusher or two and improve the way the team gets after the opposing quarterback.